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Craigslist Redesign - Landing Page

Project Name

Craigslist Redesign

My Role

UX Researcher | UX Designer

My Team

Aaron, Ryan, Andrew (Research & Reporting)


Craigslist has done a great job of providing a usable, relatively easy-to-use product. However, in my interviews and research, participants expressed distaste in the aesthetics of the Craigslist homepage and lack of navigation.

If you are visiting this project page as a Recruiter or UX Professional, please keep in mind that:

  • This redesign is only for the home page, and navigation bar, and
  • This project stems from the research I conducted of real Craigslist users who felt their needs were not being met by the current design.

While these users do not represent the entire user market, it is important to focus on my process, and my design, as it meets the needs of my interviewed users, rather than whether or not Craigslist needs to be redesigned.

Problem Statement


My team and I wanted to research Users' interaction and experiences with Craigslist's homepage. It currently seems to be a "wall of links" that users find "passable" but in need of changes. My team and I conducted user interviews to pin down just what is causing users to accept poor usability, in spite of their desire for more ease-of-use.

User Interview Findings

  • Users want more clear navigation
  • Users want to search for things easier than currently.
  • Items they want to buy or sell seem unappealing, which invalidates their desire to buy/sell on the platform.
  • Users want more customization.
  • Users want the ability to filter their searches further.

The Original (Current) Design

Box'd User Interviews Compiled into Trends

Log In - Users Mental Model

Oftentimes, login options are located in the top, right corner, and is a dropdown menu. Users didn't like that Craigslist's login was only a link.

What's the Event Calendar

The majority of the users interviewed had no clue what the "event calendar" is on the home page. They also claimed never to have clicked on it, as they had no interest in it.

"I use Craigslist for very specific goals."

Users expressed that they usually have a goal in mind when visiting craigslist.com. While the reasons varied among users, there was general agreement that many other categories and services available on Craigslist were underutilized because they are blinded by a "wall of text" that are their options.

"That's not in my area!"

Craigslist offers products and services in users' chosen areas. However, users expressed distaste and annoyance that their chosen location was not retained in the services shown.

Research Methods

  • User Interviews
  • User Flow
  • Paper Prototypes
  • Hi-Fi Wireframes
  • Usability Testing


I listened to the frustrations and pain points of the users I interviewed. By adding the following features, or reevaluating the current design of the following features, users expressed fewer pain points and less frustration using the hi-fidelity prototype.

  • 1. Search: Adding a Search bar on the landing page allowed users more straight-forward access to their immediate goals.
  • 2. Filtering Search: Adding an *optional* filter for available categories allowed users to target their search.
  • 3. Account and Postings: Clear and ever-present login and create a posting buttons offer users control over their accounts from any page.
  • 4. Navigation Bar: Adding a navigation bar reduced users' frustration over not having access to the categories when viewing individual listings. Previously, they had to use the "back" button to get to the home page.
  • 5. Standard Footer: Standardized footer allows Craigslist to keep their important and fun links on every page.

Craigslist Redesign - Landing Page

Craigslist Redesign - Landing Page

Craigslist Redesign - Landing Page

Craigslist Redesign - Landing Page

Craigslist Redesign - Landing Page


I loved conducting user interviews, researching user's responses, and finding trends in those responses. I thoroughly enjoyed creating the paper prototypes and wireframes.

Next steps would be creating icons and branded visuals that can accompany my mockups.

More Wireframes

Craigslist Redesign - Landing Page

Craigslist Redesign - Landing Page
Craigslist Redesign - Landing Page
Craigslist Redesign - Page Template
Craigslist Redesign - Page Template
Craigslist Redesign - Log In
Craigslist Redesign - Create Account